Why Online Bingo Is So Popular

Online bingo is a game of bingo played on the internet. All over the globe, more and more people are taking up playing online bingo and its grown into a multi million dollar business. Believe it or not, online bingo is fast becoming a million dollar industry.

How to get started with online bingo?

To begine with you need to download the site's free software to be able to play the games. But some operators use software like Java or have flash based games that do not need any downloading. You can start playing immediately after you are done with registering your account online.

To start playing the game, the players much fund an account, which means that the amount they pay will determine the value of the game, just like gambling. Te account is opened by giving personal details like debit/credit card numbers, bank account details, etc. However some sites accept options such as Neteller, Citadel, Firepay and Prepaid ATM.

How to play?

Unlike in regular bingo halls where balls are used to call out the numbers, online bingo sites use a system where the numbers are randomly generated. All the other rules of bingo remain the same.

There are optional features for playing convenience such as auto-daub, which marks the numbers on the bingo card as they are called so the player does not have to do it manually.

Chat feature:

Talking is strictly prohibited during the game in bingo halls. Whereas, many online bingo sites have chatting features which is an amazing dimension to the game of bingo wherein the players can interact with each other and create different communities and all the players can chat while on the game.

Its common to see players congratulating each other on their wins. Like in instant messaging, online bingo too has its own acronyms which are often used in bingo chat rooms. This creates a friendly and communal atmosphere amongst the players.

Bingo network:

When a number of different sites are playing for the same numbers for the same jackpot, it means that they are a part of a bingo network. These sites are likely to have same promotions, graphics, bingo rooms and chat monitors. This enables more players in a chat room which results in more sizable jackpots to win. This is known as White Label Gaming.

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