The Lottery and Poker are All the Same

There is a big negative factor in the gambling industry at the moment, its nearly impossible to talk about it publically. The gambling sector has become somewhat of an underground industry.

Whenever you tell people that you go to visit the casino or start playing online poker they look at you in a funny sort of way like you have done something wrong or you have obsessive behaviour.

And in all honesty the media has created all of this hype about gamblers. You can really tell how bad the sector has got especially when you look at things like trying to submit articles or press release, I can guarantee that almost 90% of them will be declined because of the fact that they are gambling related.

But what I do not understand is why is the lottery allowed to be promoted around the world? Why is there not a law against that? What I am trying to say is that the lottery is probably one of the worst types of gambling that you can get. At least with games such as poker there is a certain skill element to it all. But the lottery is just picking random numbers and hoping you are going to win.

But the lottery is all over our TVs and radios and nothing is wrong with that. It makes you wonder why, is it because the lottery is a government run scheme and they are literally allowed to do anything they want and wish.

I definatley think that gambling should be a game that anyone can enjoy (age permitting), even when kids visit amusement or theme parks they are made to gamble with their money to win things such as sweets or teddies in the machines, so why should poker be any different?

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