The Football Betting Line 101

Football by far is the most heavily bet on sport in North America even with all the different types of sports out there, from baseball to basketball to hockey. Knowing what the football betting line is all about is vital to your success when it comes to betting on football. There are three main kinds of bets in football betting, the point spread, the money line and the over under. Let’s look into each one of these individually.

What’s the Point Spread?

Sports books assign a number to a specific team to even out the betting action on both sides of the game. This is the point spread. In most cases, the odds that you will get when you are dealing with point spread betting are -110. Just for taking action on the game, the sports books keep a 50-50 proposition minus the percentage of 10% as their cut in this form of wager.

How Is the Money Line Different?

Unlike in point spread, money line’s objective is that the team that you select just needs to win the game. That is the major difference among the two. In money line, the team that you pay doesn’t have to win by a specific total of points making the picking of winners a lot easier than with the point spread method. The money line is set by the sports books. Heavy favorites are now easy for you to select but you have to lay a lot higher odds then -110.

So What’s the over under All about?

What makes the over under or total bet unique from the point spread or money line wager, is that you do not have to decide on a winner at all. That is the beauty of this type of bet. In this kind of bet, the total score in the game the only thing that you care about while placing. Deciding whether you think that the total points scored between the two teams will be over or under the number assigned by the sports book is your main goal. To be successful, you still have to take time and research on your part.

These are pretty much the three major kinds of wagers that you can make on a football game when it comes to the football betting line. Good luck with your football picks!

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