Texas Calculatem Reviews

Do you use a poker odds calculator? I sure hope so. Odds calculators are a CRUCIAL part of winning money at online poker. Here are a just a few ways Texas Calculatem can QUICKLY and EASILY improve your game:

Texas Calculatem is a poker odds calculator used by over 50,000 online poker players to help them improve their chances at winning at online Texas Hold’em.Rather than just using the less-than-perfect Monte Carlo method of calculating odds (namely: randomly dealing out many possible outcomes and averaging the results out), Texas Calculatem uses a proprietary algorithm that takes a much wider array of variables into consideration and therefore reportedly gives much more accurate predictions. And you never have to interrupt your play to enter in any information the program requires as the software reads it automatically as it observes your play at the table.


Using Texas Calculatem is like having an expert sitting right next to you; teaching you the best moves and giving you the odds as you play. The application monitors your hole cards as well as the community cards and gives you instant advice and statistics while playing online, fun-money poker. When used in conjunction with poker games online, it’s the ultimate tool for improving your Texas Holdem skills. It supports and is approved software on over 100 online poker sites.


Based on what I already mentioned (your hand, your position and pot odds), this software shows you your hand rank, the odds you’ll hit your hand/draw, and it shows you your hand strength throughout the hand. It also has different calculation speeds available because certain speeds provide better accuracy instead of calculating the numbers as quickly as possible. Other options available to the user consist of showing cards after you have folded, the option to have your deck in 4 colors, blinking advice that will catch your attention and the ability to check for updates upon startup just so you don’t have to go looking for them. You can also display your odds in the format you comfortable with and it could be percentage, ratio, or chances (1 in 4). All of these options are well optional so you design it to fit your personal preferences.


Like any software, this won’t magically make you a better player. It has to be used as part of a larger approach to the game that involves study of the game and your play. If you’re already doing those things, Texas Calculatem will help you improve. Rakeback can earn your more extra profits than just about any poker software.

If you’ve never played poker with an odds calculator, Texas Calculatem is an online poker software definitely THE ONE to start.