Sports Betting Professor – Record of 60-1 & Win Rate of 98.36% in Football. Is This For Real?

If you have been involved with sports wagering for some time now, then I’m pretty certain that you have seen a number of crazy claims by some of these programs, but I’m what I’m sharing with you today are the genuine results that I had during the NCAA and NFL season at the time of this writing.

Before we get started, let me first explain how it works. 

The Sports Betting Professor is based on a 3 game betting sequence. So what does this truly mean? Basically you follow up each loss with a bet to make up for that loss plus your target profit.For this example, I will use 100 as your profit goal

Bet A: $110 to win $100 (Using -110 Odds)
Bet B: $231.00 to win $210 (Make up the $110 from Abet Loss + the Target Profit of $100)
Bet C: $485.10 to win $441.00 (Make up the $110 A Loss & $231.00 B Loss + the Target Profit of $100)

Every loss equals to about 8 Wins (8.2 wins)

So What Does The 60-1 Record Actually Look Like?

Football (NCAA & NFL): 60-8 +52 Net Units

So How Much Money Could You Have Earned?


$100 Bettor Earns $5,200

$500 Bettor Earns $26,000

$1000 Bettor Earns $52,000


From there all you have to do is take the selections and make your wagers with whichever online sports book you utilize. I don’t believe it can be much simplier than that.

Because I’m the owner of a sports wagering review site I get to try and test alot of sports wagering programs that typically are a waste of time, but I can truthfully say that The Sports Betting Professor delivers.

If you combine the astounding results with the inconceivable support from Rich, this is a system that should be followed by all serious sports bettors. Good Luck!

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