Read These Tips Before Settling on an Internet Gaming Site

If you play on Internet poker sites, you need to be aware of a lot more than just poker hands strategies. Regrettably, there are plenty of crooks in that arena who will rob you blind and not give it another thought. Even seasoned players occasionally get taken on Internet gaming sites. Here’s a great example a reporter on 60 Minutes did an expose on a very well known online poker site that was hacked. This particular infiltration came from an ex-site worker who knew the site well, and millions of dollars were stolen from players. That was not the norm, however, because the site owner had no indication what was going on. In that individual case, even savvy players didn’t discern there were problems until algorithm patterns started to become obvious.

Thankfully, not every potentially bad playing experience is so well hidden. There are some tell-tale indicators that let informed players know they should stay away. That’s why before you gamble online you’ll want to read the following Internet gambling safety strategies:

See whether the web site stands behind its interactions
See whether the site is an Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) member. IGC members agree to adhere to a code of ethics, so there’s at least a fighting chance that they will be upstanding.

See what kind of resources  have been put into the site
If the site’s graphics and technology aren’t up-to-snuff and look unprofessional, go somewhere else. Low quality could mean the proprietors are either cash-poor or crooks. If so, they may go belly-up and take your money with them.

Make sure the site offers appropriate customer service
Don’t register with a site that doesn’t have 24/7 assistance with both a toll-free phone number and a support e-mail address. And you might want to contact their customer service team before you register, to see what kind of response you get.

Test to make sure site transactions go efficiently
If the site looks up to snuff, is an IGC member and has verifiable contact information, conduct a few minor transactions as tests before you do any significant gambling.

Taking the steps above should show a lot about the integrity of the site, so do yourself a favor and pay heed to each one. They could make a big difference for you. Remember, there’s lot’s of competition out there when it comes to Internet gaming sites, so you’re obviously free to move on to the next site if something happens you don’t like.