Progression on Deal or No Deal

Every so often a TV show hits our screens that takes the world by storm and that can be said for Deal or No Deal. The show changed the format of every other show, because it was not a quiz that involved answering questions. The aim of the game is to open the numbers until you get them down to the last one. The banker will call at regular intervals to try and buy your box off of you, most people deal at low amounts and wish they went on as they could of had considerably more.

Don't get me wrong a lot of people deal at precisley the correct time and end up beating the banker as they like to phrase it. But this leads me to the question, is the game show all about luck or is it gambling skills that make you win big?

Well the answer in my opinion is both, Deal or No Deal is more like playing roulette than rakeback, the reason for saying this is because roulette is a probability game exactly like Deal or No Deal. The luck comes in when you are selecting the boxes, if you choose the wrong ones you are going to end up getting low offers, but the thing about it is that if you have brought a high figure box to the table, then whatever happens you are going to end up getting a big offer at the final stages.

The moment that the gambling skill kicks in is when you have to start turning down big sums to win even bigger, clever gamblers should be able to judge probabilities and be able to deal or no deal at exactly the correct time.

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