Poker VT Review

Are you always stuck on the losing side of poker?  Are you looking for the best poker training program? Well I have found a site that worked for me.  I went from a up and down player, to a part time online poker professional after learning from Poker VT.  The best poker training site is Poker VT, and here is why.

This PokerVT review (aka Poker Virtual Training) focuses on a new online poker training site which is the brainchild of much revered poker pro Daniel Negreanu. Kid Poker has developed an intentionally unique method of poker training, which sees some of the top pro’s from both the real and virtual felt joining forces to provide an insightful yet practical approach to turning average players into profitable ones.

Not only will the instructors pause during video’s when learning opportunities arise to delve into detailed analysis, PokerVT goes the additional step of pitting pro against pro on tables where the players themselves explain why they are making certain decisions and taking various actions. There’s no holding back, as each player is ‘miked’ but are wearing audio headphones which prevents them from listening to the comments of the other players.


A Poker VT membership costs .99 per month as well as a one-time activation fee of 9.99. This is a small fee to pay compared with how much profit you could make through learning from these top poker players. This poker training site is highly recommended, especially if you are board of the same old poker videos of a poker table and voice-over, PokerVT takes a huge step ahead of other training sites and share their secrets with you.


For the most part the instruction on PokerVT is fantastic.  Having said that, there were times in Obrestads delivery where we felt like it was more about her complying with contractual obligations than any real zeal for poker coaching, but to be fair that may be simply reflect a more reserved personality.  What she had to say was nevertheless engrossing, and it’s hard to compete with the flair that Negreanu brings the table. Finally, the poker test offered on PokerVT is a bit of a dud. 


The site boasts high quality and experienced instructors who throw their considerable weight behind a site that strives to be dynamic in the way it delivers poker lessons to the masses.  You’ll find yourself wanting to watch the video’s out of desire instead of feeling like your trawling through information out of need, and that means higher retention rates for the details being imparted.  The stand out remains the detail with which plays and strategies are deconstructed and reviewed with meaning, and the fact that we are truly taken inside the minds of some of the best players the poker industry currently has to offer.

Is PokerVT worth it? The Verdict

If you are serious about improving your poker play then yes, absolutely this course is worth it. Here are some of the strong points I like about Totally Unique One of a Kind Content, Variety of Learning Methods Available, 50 New Pieces of Content added per month, 90 Days to try the course out after your activation fee, Well Rounded Texas Holdem Strategy Approach. If you will spend the time it will take to go through the entire course then it is most likely going to be very worth it to you. Poker VT provides a well rounded look at texas holdem. While other training sites focus more on either winning Holdem Cash Games or Winning Sit-N-Go’s, offers expert strategy across all of them.

These are just some of the reasons PokerVT offers poker course for an exciting learning opportunity for new to advanced players.