Playing Poker And Keeping Your Chips

Once you’ve learned the game of poker and have realized that you want to keep playing, you may decide that buying one of the special chip cases is one way for someone to have a consistently enjoyable experience of the game. Such a case can be utilitarian; a mere container for the chips, cards and dice, or it might be a luxurious status symbol. There’s something about the luxury of the most elaborate poker chip cases that reminds one of the prestige and expense involved in wearing designer clothing.

The simplest and most basic carrying case for poker accessories is a sturdy aluminum. If you’re just interested in getting down to it and playing the game, without any fanfare, then this is a good sort of case for transporting and protecting cards and chips. But players who want to go into their game with a bit of flair, and make the game something of an occasion, might prefer more elaborate chip cases to help create a “casino” like atmosphere.

Some seem to be almost intended as a conversation piece, as you look at the polished, lacquered wood and the velvet interior of the cases, where the clay chips, the cards, the dealer button are nestled. You can hardly imagine pulling out those cards and chips and actually playing a game with them. Others might come in black leather that can handle a little rough treatment, with rather plain but well-made chips, designed to be used. And other cases might get really elaborate, being heavy, two-tiered affairs with chips, cards and dice on a top tray that lifts out to reveal more chips on the lower level.

Of course, some cases go rather overboard with the atmosphere, including a cigar tray and cutter with everything else. Trying to recreate the feel of the old poker party in the smoky backroom, perhaps? It seems that whatever kind of look or feel you’re going for, whether it’s just to walk into the game and get on with it, or else saunter in and create an occasion, there are going to be chip cases that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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