Play Online Poker USA

The start of online poker USA has had a hand in changing the game of poker.There is little a novice player could do to improve their game aside from the risk of losing a significant amount of money against better players.  Physical venues, also known as Brick and Mortar venues, can be overwhelming for many and have traditionally kept many recreational poker players from trying a hand against more established players.  Casinos and pokers rooms are also often located in rough parts of town, where many find it either inconvenient or simply do not want to go to.


Many poker sites for US players operate as completely free sites and serve as tutorials to the game, helping those interested to pick up the game significantly quicker by offering tips and tricks to improve their odds.  Of course, not all of these tips translate to an excellent player in a live setting, as online poker is in many ways an entirely different animal. 


Much of a live game is dependent on picking up other players physical subconscious cues also referred to as tells, while being aware enough of your own actions to give few tells to other players, or at least purposely incorporate some as a means of fooling your opponents.  The online version of poker, without sitting across from another player at a physical table, relies much more on non-physical tells such as betting patterns, chat box, speed of play and player reaction time.


After online poker USA started to catch on the biggest websites have employed different strategies to increase traffic to their sites.One such strategy is allowing the winners of an online ‘satellite’ tournament free entry into the big live competition. 


The winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker, Chris Moneymaker, won entry to the competition via one of these satellite tournaments and essentially turned the world of poker competitions upside down.Since his upset in the Poker world, the amount of poker players online has dramatically increased as well as the number of contestants in live tournaments who gained entry from online poker tournaments, a few of which also went on to win major tournaments.  Thanks in large part to Chris Moneymaker and the unfolding of the world of online poker, the allures of this game once monopolized by a much smaller number of key players has won many new followers and improving players.

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