Online Craps Overview

Today I am going to speak about online craps and the advantages of playing it. With the rise of popularity of online casinos you can now play all your favorite games including craps from home.


First of all what is online craps? For reasons that I don’t fully understand online craps is not as popular as games such as blackjack and roulette. It is easy to play roulette or blackjack that many casino players just go straight to them.


Craps may seem more complicated at first but it really isn’t. Craps is a dice game, there are two dice. It is so simple, all you are doing is betting on various outcomes of the dice.


The layout of the craps table can seem daunting because there are many different bets that you can place. However I can tell you for sure that most of these bets have very bad odds and you are best to just stay away from them.


As with all casino games the payouts are not fair which is what gives the casino the advantage. Some bets that can be placed with craps really don't put the odds in your favor and are pretty much garaunteed to make you lose, but there are other which slash the odds right down.


The best bets that you can place are pass/come or don’t pass/don’t come. With these bets the house edge is only 1.4%. This is a very low house edge when you compare it to the much more popular roulette which has whopping house advantage of 5.26%.


As I said higher up there are many different bets that you can place but these are not very good bets so they should be avoided. The worst bet that you can make is when you bet that the sum of the dice will be 2 or 12. The house advantage is 13.89% so you would have to be feeling very lucky to bet on them.


In conclusion to this review I think that online craps can be very fun to play when you look past the complicated board layout. The many bad bets that you can make with craps in my opinion fill up the craps table and make it look more complicated than it is.