My Poker Face

Poker is in all likelihood one of the best loved gambling games in the globe, one of the main reasons that the game is loved is because it is not just down to chance like games such as roulette, you basically have to have the know how and the skill. A good poker player should be able to judge a persons poker face and rule them out of the game. So lets have a look at some of the different poker faces and what they actually mean.


Business Face

When someone tries to act serious then you know that they probably have a good set of cards, but are trying to indicate to you that they have no money.


Happy Face

When people have a happy face they constantly start smiling, but underneath it all they are thinking that they have the worst possible set of cards at hand. They are trying to convince their opponents that they are relaxed in the game and that they have a good set of cards, but a good poker player should always be able to spot this and stop it.


Speaking Face

You should be very suspicious of someone who has been hushed for the whole game and then abruptly starts talking, this means that they have a good set of cards and are confident of winning.


Huge Betting Face

Again if your resister has been seated quiety all the game, and folding most of the time. But suddenly then switches and starts betting a huge volume of chips then you know that he must have a set of good cards and has mustered up some confidence because of that. Its also the same if they have been betting good amounts all game and them slow down.


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