How Often Is The UK Lottery Results Released?

If you like to play the lottery you might want to know when the results for the UK lotteries are released. The National Lottery is the largest lottery franchise in the UK, but there are many others as well. All of the prizes you get in the United Kingdom from the lottery are paid tax free in one large sum.

The prevalent lottery game in the United Kingdom is the Lotto, and its results are declared on all Wednesdays and Saturdays. This game requires you to select six numbers, between the range 1 and 49. You can succeed if at least three of your numbers match to the six key numbers which are chosen on every Wednesday and Saturday. During the draw, they also select a seventh number, which is known as the bonus number. You may win the game with bonus number, if only your other five numbers have also matched.

The every Friday draw is know as the EuroMillions. It is famous in Europe as the chief rolling jackpot lottery game. This implies that the jackpot simply gets larger and larger till someone comes forward and claims it. In this game, you have to select 5 dissimilar numbers, between 1 and 50, and 2 numbers, between 1 and 9. These numbers are called as your ‘Lucky Stars’. In order to get a prize you must match no less than 3 main numbers, 1 main number, and 2 lucky stars; or 2 main numbers and 1 lucky star. If you get all these numbers rightly, then you may even succeed in winning the whole jackpot.

Thunderball’s most interesting clause is that, for it you just have to get two numbers matched to win the lottery. The Thunderball lottery is drawn every week on Wednesday as well as Saturday. It is made up of six main numbers: five numbers and one Thunderball. You must get Thunderball and one other number, matched in any case to win. In case you manage to get six numbers matched then you can win the bumper prize of £250,000.

The Lotto HotPicks games are more tailored to how you want them to be. You get to choose how many numbers you play with and the game itself. Numbers can be chosen between 1 and 49, and you will be able to see if you won every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Dream Number is one such game which is renowned for its attempts to raise funds, for the 2012, Olympic and Paralympics games. This is the 7th number game, which you can take part in with the Lotto, or on its own. Whilst you take part in the Dream Number, by yourself, you are provided a random number; however you can select a 2nd random number in its place, known as the Lucky Dip. You will have to get all the numbers matched in series to win. The Dream Number is selected on each Wednesday as well as Saturday.

Lastly, the Daily Play is the prime UK lottery game, which plays six days a week, except Sunday. You have to select 7 numbers, between the range 1 and 27. Then try and match the numbers, as many possible. You need to match at lest 4 numbers to win a prize. The order in which the numbers are doesn’t matter. If none of the numbers are matched by you, then you may get a ‘Luck Dip’ which is free. This ensures that you still have the chance to win at the end.