How Clothes Can Give Away Your Poker Personality

Poker is a cracking gambling game; it is not a game of fortune or a game of chance, but instead a game of experience and know how. Although this has been said there are a few sure signs of things you can use to pick a good poker player from a bad. One of the best ones is in the players dress sense. Now surely you are thinking to yourself that there is no way you can tell how good a person is from the way that they dress. But I can ascertain you that you emphatically can, merely because a person’s dress style shows their own case-by-case personality and you need to know a person’s personality when playing poker. So let’s have a look at some of the wearing apparel sense.


The Suit

Have you ever seen the person that turns up to play poker in their suit. This type of person is basically trying to use the scare tactic. They are essentially trying to come across as very well-educated and are not afraid to lose their money. But deep down they are quite a nervous player.


The Chav

Yes we have all come across them, when the Chav joins the board and they believe they know every deception in the book, but on most occasions end up walking away empty-bellied hand and humiliated.


Casual Dresser

These are probably the main ones to look out for. I mean the casual dresser knows exactly how much they want to spend and they know when to pull out of a game and when not too. They are silent but deadly destroyers.


You will forthwith never look at the game of poker the same once again, remember to check what a poker player is wearing before they head to sit down on the table, because you may well take the game from your competitor’s hand.


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