Holdem Genius Review & Guide

Now, I don’t want to over-inflate the concept of Holdem Genus. This program by Mutatem Solutions, Ltd. isn’t the best online poker calculator software. However, its features are perfect for newer players, so unless you think you’re an “advanced intermediate” or better, this truly is arguably the best way for you to go to learn to win at Texas Hold’em online.

Once we got the program installed, everything worked really well with the original default settings for Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, but the program can be used in over 250 poker rooms.  Holdem Genius did its job, took up very few resources and very little desktop space, and read the board and our hole cards accurately.

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In a recent interview with PokerSoftware.com, the Holdem Genius crew stated “Many more online poker rooms will be supported in the near future.  There have been a lot of requests for supporting more Italian sites and this is something we are working on.  We also plan to add support for other game types like Omaha and are working on a version of our software that is compatible with Mac, but we don’t have a timeframe for when all of this will be complete.  The interface will also receive a facelift in the near future and work is being done so that it will run on the next version of Windows.”

There is no doubt that most of us will take any advantage we can get when playing poker, I mean we’re risking our hard earned money so any advantage to win is great. With a poker odds calculator you won’t be guaranteed to win more money, but you should be able to increase your winnings by quite a bit. The math and data tool can analyze through in real-time can’t be mimicked by most humans and you’ll have an exceptional advantage over your competition.

Genius attaches as a “skin” to any poker game, adapting automatically when a player opens an online game. The software then proceeds to provide a multitude of data in a user-friendly format. The data provided is certainly critical to success. For example, the user can instantly see the odds of having a specific hand at the river along with the probability of an opponent having a given hand. Holdem Genius may show a user having a 47% of possessing a pair at the river, and an opponent having a 51% chance of getting a flush. This would provide the necessary information for the user to fold in this case before incurring any further loss.

If you are looking to improve your on-line game of Texas Hold’em, Hold’em Genius is simply the ultimate odds calculator and the best weapon you can have in your arsenal for playing a perfect game of Texas Hold’em.  Using odds calculation to provide hand odds and pot odds for each card as well as determining hands will beat you, and drawing out odd, every poker odd you could want is available.  With the ability to provide advice for not just one game, you can play as many hands as you can manage while still receiving real-time professional advice from Hold’em Genius.

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