Having Your Very Own Chip Set

If you’re looking to buy a poker chip set for playing the game at home or with friends, then there’s an almost infinite variety of chips and sets from which to choose. You can buy sets of 300 chips, 500, or even the rare set with 1000 chips, in solid or multi-colored form, of different weights and with many different designs. The sets come in handy carrying cases, usually of sturdy aluminum so the contents are protected, and are accompanied by such accessories as dice, decks of cards and a dealer button.

Before you decide how elaborate you want to get though, you need to calculate how many players, on average, will participate in your poker party. Sets of 300 chips are probably enough for six players, or perhaps five in a Texas Hold’Em game. If you go up to seven or more, it’s probably best to consider poker chip sets 500, and perhaps even more than that. Some people recommend up to 100 chips per player, to be on the safe side. (After all, it’s better to have too many than to run out, right?) Once you decide on something like a 500 or 700 piece chip set, your decision might affect what sort of chip design you want, since the price will be higher.

Poker supplies are like everything else; the more mass-produced they are, the lower the cost. For this reason, any set you buy that contains the common plastic type of chips will be less expensive than ones that comes with, for example, the heavier, more professional chips of clay. And any specialized design imprinted right into a chip will require the creation of a new mold. So a poker chip set containing chips that are more distinctive, and perhaps more personalized, will cost you extra.

From clay chips to those composites made with a metal core and molded resin overlay, your expense could increase by a considerable amount. The real goal for most people is to buy an affordable set that is attractive and yet durable at the same time. For this reason, too, you should try to factor in chips that are a bit on the heavy end of the spectrum, and some sets come with washable plastic playing cards, again for durability. Keeping all these variables in mind, it should be possible to get an attractive poker chip set that will last you and your friends for a very long time.

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