From Vegas to Hollywood: Poker Players are Today’s Hot Celebs

According to Celebrity Apprentice Joan Rivers, poker players are “beyond white trash.” But I bet you could find millions of poker fans who disagree with that assessment. As a matter of fact, poker is wildly popular right now and so are its practitioners. This is evidenced by the fact that professional poker stars such as Annie Duke, Mike Matusow, Phil Gordon and many others have become famous beyond anyone’s expectations in the last decade.

This surge in popularity has caused many to try their hand, so to speak, at making a living playing on on-line poker websites. Some have actually been very successful and as a result, poker has created a whole new wave of Internet millionaires. These successful poker players are sometimes surprising, because there are almost as many teenagers and people in their early-twenties as there are seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, for every new batch of successful poker players, there are also plenty of people who are victims of online gambling scams. Mostly new players step into this trap, because they don’t know how to check a gambling site’s bona fides.

To make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you, the following tips can help you assess whether a site has the potential to be a scam:

  • If the site doesn’t look professional, don’t even register there. Low-quality construction could be the sign of a quick-buck artist at work or at the very least, a cash-strapped operator.
  • Check if the site or its owners are members of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). IGC members agree to adhere to a code of ethics.
  • Don’t register with a site that doesn’t have 24-hour support with both a toll-free phone number and e-mail addresses.
  • If a site passes the first three requirements, do several small test transactions before you do any major gambling. These should tell you a lot about the integrity of the site.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so there’s no reason why with a little luck and a lot of practice you couldn’t become one of online poker’s stars. Just make sure to do your homework first, so your success won’t be tainted by regret.