Football Betting Guide – Help You Understand The Betting

If you are just starting out in sports betting and in particular football wagering, then you may perhaps stumble on the total idea a petty frightening. You may have accomplished various research on the Internet looking for a step by step football betting guide and perhaps came up a little passing. If this describes you then you will wish for to keep understanding since I will crack down the numerous kinds of football betting that you can join in. Let’s have a glance.

Straight wagers are the most common and popular types of bets. This is where you place your bet on one team and one team only, either by using the point spread, the money line or choose the over under for that particular game. It’s actually quite simple, if that one bet wins then you actually show profit.

The parlays are also one of the types of bets aside from the regular straight wagers described above. This one is basically all about grouping of straigth wagers. You just choose any of the 2 to 14 games to make your wager. As it takes that one of the games in your parlay to lose for you to lose that wager so you may have much less chance of winning although the payouts are very attractive.

One last type of bet is called Teaser. In this type of bet, you can change the odds by several points in your favor although it is similar to parlays type of bet. Althought teasers don’t offer great payouts, they are also not as difficult to win as parlays.

Although this is not a complete football betting guide, this should be more than enough to help you get started with your sports betting. Good luck!

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