Finding An Honest Online Casino

You may decide you simply want to avoid an online casino because there is so much scope for fraud. After all, you are bombarded with warnings about malicious software that installs itself on your computer, follows your keystrokes, steals your identity, and could possibly wipe your bank account clean. Or if you’re using a credit card or some other form of internet payment, the security of the transaction becomes an issue. Or the game could be rigged so you’d lose all the time. As well, an offshore casino site would be hard to prosecute if they cheated you. So surely it’s better not to bother with them at all?

One way of discerning an honest online casino from one that is shady is to trust the experts. These would be people like the Michael Shackleford, proprietor of the website, for example, or Michael Bluejay who currently writes at the Wizard of Odds, but also maintained the website until 2008. They give expert advice on playing games at casinos in general, but also refer people to the best betting sites and casino gaming sites.

Remember also that for an online poker site to make money in the long term, they can’t cheat their customers. Unless their gaming programs are on the up and up, not only won’t they get repeat business, but their bad reputation will make their initial business dry up too. Of course, that still doesn’t protect you from fake casino sites set up just so crooks can collect your credit card info. But again this can be prevented by reading the experts’ websites to learn about the best internet casinos. As well, if you play at sites affiliated with poker pros, such as and, then you can be confident they are on the up-and-up.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between outright theft and the “house always wins” slant of casino games. Whether players operate in a real-life casino or an online casino, this is understood. But experienced players can recognize when that slant has been skewed too far in the casino’s favor, and most can tell when a system has crossed the line into fraud. If you take advantage of the experience of professionals and let them guide you away from fraudulent online casinos, then you can play at the safer sites with a lot less worry.

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