Can you Influence the Outcome of Bingo??

are easy to work out] – it’s the number of cards you have in play divided by the overall number of cards in the game. If there are 100 cards, and you have 4 cards, the odds of you triumphing are 4 in 100. The trick is being able to count roughly how many cards there are. Simply count how many people are in the game and multiply that number by what you think is the average number of cards per person.

However, these odds don’t apply to progressive jackpot games. The format of a progressive game means that a winner is not guaranteed.  The odds can be so colossal in some progressive games that they can rumble on for weeks without a winner.

What Numbers Occur Most Regularly?

Everyone wants to know: “What’s the secret to knowing which numbers will occur most frequently?

Alas for the mystics, the answer is clear. No number has a greater chance of appearing in a game than any one of the many others, so long as no-one has tampered with the game mechanics.

As with flipping coins, the the odds are mathmetically even, but predicting a pattern is impossible. If 32 occurs in four games back to back, it is impossible to say that 32 will be drawn in the fifth game.

The only way to tip the odds in your favour  in a game of bingo is to is to buy several cards. The effect of this is to effectively give you more numbers in play – meaning more chances to win. While no card individually is any more likely to win in a game than any other, overall you will have a greater percentage of the cards in play. That means mathematically you have more ways to win. If you a single card in a game with dozens of other player then you have less chance of winning than a player holding many cards in the same game.

So ultimately, although you can slightly tip the odds in your favour in a game of bingo, you might as well  try to find a four leaf clover!