Calculatem Pro Free

The recent increase of poker popularity has led to a flood of fish, which are just waiting for you to take their money. Whenever I play poker online I’m always somewhat hesitant on my abilities as a player albeit quite an experienced one (well I like to think so at least). Calculatem Pro helped me.

Poker players know first hand how indispensable Calculatem ProTM is to an online bankroll. It automatically reads your cards and table play, breaking down every possible scenario in real-time and instantly giving you exact poker odds to win in every situation. Calculatem Pro takes the guess work, math, and the luck out of the game, saving you valuable time and money. Perfect for novice players, Calculatem Pro quickly teaches which hands are good and bad in Texas Holdem. Calculatem Pro allows veterans to switch up their response time, eliminating tells.

Calculatem Pro™ also provides an estimate of your opponents’ hands in addition to cold, hard facts about your own. With these tools at your disposal you have more time to focus on reading your opponents instead of spending too much time reading hands. Naturally, you won’t win every single pot just because you use a great Holdem odds calculator and always know your odds, but you will be able to minimize the number of mistakes you make and maximize your probability of winning – a crucial element in winning poker.

How Much Does Calculatem Pro Cost?

You can purchase Calculatem Pro for .85, payable by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, or you can get it for free by signing up for one of its affiliate poker rooms using the links and codes provided on the Calculatem Pro site. Whichever way you choose to get the software, you’ll be getting a one-year license, at which point you’ll have to renew in order to continue using it.

Is Calculatem Pro for you?

I have tested many other online poker calculators and tools, yet none have been easier to use while providing all the pertinent information required in order to make the right play at any given moment. There are two versions of Calculatem available the regular standard Calculatem and the pro version both of which cover in excess of 250 online poker rooms, including all the rooms our site features + many more.

In with the worst of it:

No Profiling, robotic reccomendations that are often just silly, outdated screen scraper software. This software has not been updated in 2 years now and is simply in dire need of redesign and correction of faulty poker math.


“The system weighs the pot amount against the odds of hitting your hand and tells you whether what you stand to win is actually worth the chance that you’ll lose. It’s something that basic calculators miss because it takes into account the size of your potential win as well as the strength of your hand. It’ll be most obvious when you’re playing with marginal hands where you’ll see that the basic odds percentage doesn’t change based on the size of the bets, but the pot odds recommendation will change to reflect these amounts.”


“I like Calculatem Pro very much, it is perfect when multi-tabling, no way to keep up with the odds calculating otherwise.”-Kian

Calculatem Pro is perfect for anyone interested in improving their game through having the best poker software.