Blackjack Secrets review

Before I begin my review, I recommend you visit how to win at blackjack.

With movies such as Rain man and 21 in mind, we know that it is possible for human beings to essentially ‘break’ the blackjack system and win a greater percentage of hands. You may be asking yourself as I was, will this guide deliver the same results?

Obviously this guide will not make you the next rain man. It will, however, provide you with the best possible chance to win money whilst at the blackjack tables, without the need to become an analytical genius.

Blackjack, as described by Blackjack Secrets, is based on independent trials, whereas other casino games such as roulette are based on independent trials.Dependent trials rely on the fact that what has already happened will change the current odds. In this situation, the odds will be different depending on what cards are facing up on the table and what cards have already been played.Independent trials mean that each occurence will have the same odds(i.e. each roll or each spin of the dice). It is because of the dependent trials in Blackjack that a system is able to be formulated.

Blackjack secrets show you how to earn two thousand dollars a week at a constant rate. There have been customer testimonials showing other ‘average Joe’s’ that have earned figures of over $5 million over a period of 17 years.

So, will Blackjack Secrets be beneficial for you? Of all the Blackjack guides I have read I have not been more convinced of success than from this guide in particular. Despite the fact the system shows how to win two thousand dollars a week, I wanted to take a smaller risk at first to test if the system really worked. I played much lower stakes and the system did work. I would have made so much more money if only I trusted the guide and the right amount to bet.

I truly do love this guide and I would definitely recommend it for those wanting to make a little extra cash from the blackjack tables. To offer a word of advice, I would start off with lower stakes just as an initial test to see whether the system will work for you. If it does, raise the stakes and start making yourself some good money!

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