Addict Steals over 900k

As the credit crunch looms over all of our heads, people are looking for extra ways to make money. But the bad thing that Chris Proudfoot has done is definatley not the way forwards. Chris was sent to prison for around 40 months after stealing just over 900k. He worked as a book keeper and it is said that over a three year period he took money to pay back debts on his credit cards which were caused by online poker, roulette and overall gambling. The authorities have yet to recover this.

Although this was a bad thing to do, you really have to winder about the business. It amazes me how a company cannot notice that £1 million pounds has gone, are they really getting that much revenue? Secondly why was this person not checked in full to see whether or not he has a bad approach? I have combiled a checklist that will help employees.

1) Check references, a lot of employees take reference details but never bother in checking them or if they do send it off once they never bother chasing them up. References were invented for a purpose. You should be willing to also get and chase up some personal references.

2) Try a Trial, There are probationary periods, but what about trying a 7 day trial? This would efficiently let you know if they are good.

3) Try to get permission to check their credit score. A credit score shows in depth information about people, would you rather employ someone with a good or bad score. Maybe if the business checked then this could have been avoided.

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