90% Win Rate – Sports Betting Professor Review

If you have spent any time looking for sports betting facts then it’s very probable that you have seen something about The Sports Betting Professor. If you were to visit the site you would see the following title:

“Discover The Explosive Sports Betting Secrets That Win Me 90% Of All My System Bets – PhD Mathematician Creates Winning Formula!”

So does he actually Win 90% of the time? – Sports Betting Professor Review

 From my experience the answer is “NO” …. It truly is doing better than 90%.

 Here are the current records at the time of this writing:

Football (NCAA & NFL): 60-1 98.36% Winning Percentage

NBA: 26-1 96.30% Winning Percentage

Now just to make clear, these records are based on his system picks. 

Let’s take a closer look at an example.

 Let’s say that your objective was to win per series then the bets would look like this:

Bet A:    $11 to win $10 (Using -110 Odds)
Bet B:    $23.10 to win $21 (Make up the $11 from A Bet Loss + the Target Profit of $10)
Bet C:    $48.51 to win $44.10 (Make up the $11 A Loss & $23.10 B Loss + the Target Profit of $10)

*** Each Loss is Equivalent to roughly 8 Wins (8.2 wins) ***

So How Much Did You Miss Out On?


$100 Bettor Earns $5,200

$500 Bettor Earns $26,000

$1000 Bettor Earns $52,000


$100 Bettor Earns $1,800

$500 Bettor Earns $9,000

$1000 Bettor Earns $18,000

Not too shabby for only having to use a couple of minutes per day.

Want To Know How This System Actually Works?

All of the games that are released are based off of 15 years of historical trends and information, but the best part is that you don’t even require to figure out the plays for manually. 

The owner, Rich Allen will really send you the picks by email each and every day. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Well guys I just wanted to share my experience and Sports Betting Professor Review with you. Since I own and operate my own sports betting review site, I have certainly seen my fair share of bad sports wagering systems that just don’t deliver, but in all sincerity The Sports Betting Professor is absolutely on the top of my list. As you can tell the results are unbelievable, the customer service is A1 as Rich responds to all of his emails personally and there is a ton of picks so you aren’t waiting around for days for the next selection.

So if you want to prevent losing with your sports selections or are trying to make a genuine profit, then adding The Sports Betting Professor program is a must.

 Best of Luck

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